5 Exclusive Benefits of Staging for Realtors

Learn about the benefits of staging for Realtors

Staging for home sellers versus staging for Realtors

Home staging helps sellers get the high offers they want and close quickly. This is great news for a Realtor’s clients, but at face value, staging may not seem to make a huge difference to a Realtor’s bottom line. While not as tangible as a check in hand, there are actually several reasons staging for Realtors is crucial. All of these benefits can ultimately impact the quality and quantity of business you get as a Realtor!

Stay on a Positive Footing with Sellers

When a property has an obvious pitfall, such as outdated fixtures or eccentric furnishings, addressing these issues can be an awkward conversation between a Realtor and a seller. If the seller feels particularly strong about leaving a specific feature of the house unchanged, the topic can cause lasting tension in, or even sever, the seller-Realtor relationship. When you stage, you can address these topics without that risk.

By bringing in a home stager, you can let a neutral, yet well-qualified, third party make the necessary home improvement recommendations. This takes some of the pressure off of you for how these recommendations may affect the seller. And even if the seller does not follow through on these recommendations, you know that they were properly advised and cannot hold you at fault if the identified issues later result in a price reduction. 

Build a Reputation for Fast, Above Market Sales

Every home stager advertises faster sales, for more money. While that is great for the seller, it can be great for you too. Every seller wants to get the best ROI they can, as quickly as possible. If you, as a Realtor, have a reputation for fast, high-profit sales, sellers will be more likely to seek you out and want to work with you. Sometimes you build this reputation through referrals and word of mouth. And sometimes it’s your client’s neighbors, who have seen your results first hand, or people online who see that your social media is full of “Sold!” Announcements. 

High Quality Digital Portfolio

Professional photography and home staging go hand-in-hand. As real estate transactions move increasingly online, high quality photos become more and more important in grabbing a buyer’s interest and even sealing the deal. But those photos can go into your Realtor portfolio too.

Whether you run multiple social media pages or operate just a simple website, eye-catching photos will get sellers’ attention when they are looking for a Realtor. They will see how good your past client’s homes looked and want their homes to look that good too.

Fill Your Pipeline

A property with good curb appeal, in real life and online, will generate more traffic among buyers. Staging significantly elevates a property’s curb appeal and helps drum up that initial interest. It only takes one buyer to sell a home, but the more buyers who contact you, the more leads you have to fill your pipeline.

Happy Seller, Good Reviews

No matter what industry you work in, if your clients are happy, they are more likely to leave a good review. This is the benefit of staging for Realtors with the longest-term impact. Social proof has always been an important part of how sellers choose a Realtor, and good reviews are one of the best ways to get ahead of the competition. Plus, if you become a known partner of a well-reviewed home staging service, their good reviews can lend social proof to your own business too.

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You might not see the immediate results of staging the same way a home seller does. But recommending or partnering with the right stager can benefit your business in the long term. We frequently visit the offices of Top Producers to help Realtors be as strategic about staging as possible. Contact us to schedule an office visit or meet with us directly!