10 Easy Tips for Sellers to Prepare Their Home for Sale

Easy Tips for Sellers Putting their Home on the Market

DIY Ways to Stage Your Home

Putting a property on the market is a very stressful process, and actually getting your property ready to be photographed and shown can be the most exhausting part of that process. Follow these 10 easy tips for sellers to get your property a little more photo-ready. No design training required!

Professional Cleaning

Having a clean house might seem like a no-brainer. But springing for a professional cleaning service to come in can take years off of the appearance of your carpeting, bathrooms, and other places that slowly accumulate wear. Professional cleaning can also help buyers feel less like they are simply trespassing in someone else’s home rather than seeing their future home for the first time.

Organize the Closets

No corner, nook, or cranny is off-limits to a nosy buyer. Buyers will make all kinds of assumptions about what offers you would be willing to take based off of the lifestyle they perceive that you have. You can give the best impression by keeping a well-ordered closet of quality clothing, with no extra clutter, junk, or knick-knacks.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

Buyers spend the most time on your front doorstep. Make sure it is clean and clear of bugs and cobwebs, with working doorbells and lights. Consider repainting your front door and adding welcoming elements like a simple doormat, bench, or potted plants.

Remove Wallpaper

You may have a fantastic sense of style, but that does not mean that every buyer is going to love the same custom or vintage wallpaper that you do. While a home does not need to be entirely neutral to sell, it is best to remove decorations like wallpaper that depend on a specific, personal design preference. 

Turn the Junk Room Back into a Bedroom

When buyers see a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a listing description, they expect to see that many bedrooms and bathrooms in the home. Some buyers may use a bedroom as a spare room, office, or recreational space, but it is best to assume that they want to see a bedroom first. At the very least, it is best to clear out any unnecessary or stored items from extra bedrooms so that they do not interfere with how a buyer sees the room.

Declutter the Kitchen

Buyers pay for the value they see in a home. In the kitchen, that value might be gorgeous, granite countertops or freshly painted cabinets. You want to declutter the entire kitchen, especially areas like the top of the fridge that will draw buyers’ eyes away from the better features of the room.

Curate Art and Photos

Moving is an emotional process, and one of the hardest parts is taking down art and photographs. However, because these items are so personal, it can make a buyer feel uncomfortable to see them. It is best to remove family photos and personal art, leaving up only the more decorative and neutral pieces.

Fix it First

This can be one of the most costly tips for sellers if it goes ignored. Sometimes, you know that a feature of your home is likely to be a drawback to your buyers. Maybe there is an old stain in the carpet you could never get out or a dinged-up door frame. It is always better to fix these issues before you list than to accept a later price reduction for them.

Keep Up With the Landscaping

You may be hesitant to continue maintaining a garden or mowing the law of a property you know you will not own much longer, especially if you are no longer living there. But the yard is the first thing a buyer sees when they visit a property, and it is important to keep it looking maintained as long as it is on the market.

Think About Your Most Likely Buyer

While all of these tips for sellers will help with the average buyer, the best way to get your house ready for the market is to understand who would be most likely to buy it. Is the property located in a good school zone, making it the ideal family home? Is it near a large college, where it might become a rental property for students?

These are the questions home stagers answer every day. To learn more about custom staging for your home, call us for a free consultation. We regularly share more DIY tips for sellers on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.