How You Know It’s Time for a Home Makeover, Without Breaking the Bank

Are you ready for a home makeover

Like most Americans, you have likely found yourself watching a lot more TV the past few months. If you have been glued to home makeover shows on HGTV and need to scratch that home renovation itch, this may be the perfect time to do it. But, of course, you do not want to rush into major changes to your property on a whim. How do you know if this is really the time for a home makeover?

While many Americans are wisely holding off on unnecessary expenses during Covid-19, that does not mean you can’t add a lot of personality and charm to your home on a low budget. If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, try our suggestions for how to address them on your own time and in your own price range.

“I hate my current wallpaper or wall color.”

You may have just moved into a fixer-upper with some garishly outdated wallpaper, or you may just finally be sick of the beige wall paint you have been looking at for years. As exciting as it is to pick out new wallpaper or paint, you need to keep your future plans for the property in mind. If you think you may be selling the property before you would be willing to repaint or redecorate again, you may want to stray away from any bold prints or colors.

Consider redecorating in a way that complements your walls as they are. Tying a bright wall color into the color palette of the entire room can make it stand out less and seem like a more cohesive part of the home. For more guidance, consider getting a color consultation for recommendations customized to your home’s unique architecture and style.

“My home doesn’t have a cohesive style, it feels too hodge-podge.”

Most people accumulate home decor and furniture as they go through life. This means that they may end up with a hodge-podge of colors, styles, and textures. To an extent, this is expected and can make a home feel familiar and less like a showroom. But it is nice to have a cohesive style as well.

When we stage a home, we may not use entirely matching sets either. You can create a cohesive sense of style by maintaining a common element, such as a set color palette or design style, but allowing some variation within that theme. For instance, a home filled with simple, sleek and modern furnishings will still look professionally styled even with some color and brand variation. 

Tips for an affordable home makeover

“My house has a lot of dead space or space that ends up collecting junk.”

This is a common issue for long-term homeowners, especially empty-nesters. But before you go knocking down walls or paying for expensive home expansions, consider how simply rearranging your space could achieve your goals. Can you rearrange your storage spaces to create the work or recreation areas you need?

Many people find themselves doing more at home than ever before, and this can be a very good reason for a home makeover. Can you optimize your space to be home, office, and gym all at once? This is where consulting with a stager or designer trained in space planning can be well-worth your time.

“My kitchen or living room feels outdated.”

It is amazing how quickly even a relatively new home can begin to feel outdated. Sometimes this requires a major investment in modern appliances and furnishings. But there are a lot of small touches you can add to a home to bring it a long way towards a modern aesthetic. 

Paint and modern cabinet hardware can do a lot for your kitchen without completely removing the cabinetry and appliances. Your living room may feel outdated due to its carpet, which can be an expensive feature to change or remove. But small furniture upgrades or simply rearranging the furniture to suit a more modern style can do a lot for a living room while you wait on a flooring upgrade.

So you want a home makeover—now what?

If you are not happy with how your house feels and suits your needs, now is the time to make it feel truly like home. Take advantage of our professional style guidance and call for a consultation today.