How Staging Boosts Luxury Real Estate Sales

Luxury Real Estate Staged by Utopia Home Staging in Las Vegas

When times are tough, it is easy to feel like the real estate market takes the biggest hit. But that truly depends on what part of the market you are looking at. Believe it or not, Las Vegas has seen record-breaking sales in the luxury real estate market this fall. In this kind of selling environment, home staging is what can give you the competitive edge you need to land top buyers.

Staging Builds Confidence in Investment

This September alone, there were nearly 100 Las Vegas property sales at 1 million dollars and above. In a turbulent economy, these buyers have chosen to invest in the very best real estate money can buy. That means that they will be extremely thorough in evaluating your property for potential risks and flaws.

When you walk into an empty or ill-decorated room, those flaws immediately jump out at you. You will begin to doubt whether or not the property will suit your needs and your lifestyle. If you are immediately struck by a drawback to the space, you may not even notice—or care about—the wonderful upgrades and state-of-the-art features in the same space.

When you walk into a staged home, on the other hand, your eye goes where the stager wants it to go. A professional stager will design each room to augment the best qualities of the property. Staging does not necessarily cover up the flaws that a property might have, but it does make them seem much less important. A buyer walking into a well-staged home will feel far more confident in investing in that property, because the benefits immediately appear to outweigh any potential risks.

Sell a Lifestyle, Not Just a Property

Many people have relocated this year, and it is especially important for out-of-town or out-of-state buyers to feel like they are not just moving into an empty house; they are moving into a whole new, wonderful lifestyle. A local stager knows local styles and the latest trends in Vegas luxury real estate. Given that the average Vegas homeowner stays in their home for over a decade, most home sellers will not be as knowledgeable about what is in-style as a stager would be, particularly one working with new luxury real estate listings each week.

Of course, more goes into selling a lifestyle than simply knowing the latest design trends. It also takes an intuitive sense of how a given property would actually be used by a buyer and the specific needs of the buyer demographic. For instance, while a luxury home should certainly convey a sense of leisure, stagers must acknowledge that, particularly in today’s climate, there must be spaces for work and even exercise as well. 

Home is Everything, Which Means Personalization is Everything

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have spent more time in our homes than ever before. This can be a positive for some, but for many, it is exhausting to live, work, and attempt to socialize all within the bubble of our own homes. Whether or not your buyers are spending most of their days at home, they want to invest in luxury real estate that will not feel constraining or limiting when there is no other option but to stay at home.

Personalizing the space as much as possible to your buyer’s lifestyle is essential in the current market. The more a potential buyer feels at home, the less fear they will have of becoming isolated. A stager can play up the versatility of each room in a home and the many opportunities for indoor and outdoor entertainment that it offers. This gives home buyers the security of knowing that, even if faced with another lock-down, they will not go stir-crazy in a home as well-designed and amenity-rich as yours.

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Set Your Luxury Listing Apart by Partnering With a Local Home Stager

In today’s busy luxury real estate market, you want an expert home stager by your side. Learn more about how staging can help Realtors and home sellers make top dollar, and get in touch with your local staging experts today.

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