Staging for the Stars: Luxury Home Staging For Celebrities

Staging for the Stars Luxury Home Staging For Celebrities

Celebrity mansions always make the news when they hit the market, and you might think that free publicity alone would be enough for a fast, top-dollar sale. But many of the nation’s greatest stars actually turn to luxury home staging to see the biggest return on their real estate investments. Meredith Baer made a name for herself staging the homes of celebrities like Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera. HGTV Star Jasmine Roth attributed her home’s quick sale this week, which was well over its $2.1 Million asking price, to its staging.

Luxury homes are a huge, booming part of the Vegas real estate market, and that makes finding the right buyer for these properties all the more competitive. Listen to what some of real estate’s biggest stars have to say about home staging for celebrities.

Jasmine Roth, Star of HGTV’s Hidden Potential

I tell all my clients the same thing. Make sure your home is either staged or has depersonalized furniture in it. Take great photos and always hire a professional to help you.

– Roth, in an interview with House Beautiful

Roth builds and designs homes for a living. As much as her show Hidden Potential is about knocking down walls and transforming interior layouts, it really shows how color palettes and softer design touches really make a property feel like home. So much of her work comes down to stylizing and accessorizing homes to suit the personalities of the families who will live there. Ultimately, staging has the same goal with attracting buyers.

Aaron Kirman, Star of Listing Impossible

I call myself a lifestyle curator today I swear. I have to curate a house to make sure it’s right for the buyer’s lifestyle. I didn’t always have to do that and it adds about 50 percent more work to my job every day. But whenever I do it, I get a high number for a house. And when I don’t do it, they get a low number.

– Kirman, in an interview with Forbes

Kirman has sold his fair share of celebrity estates, and is widely regarded as Los Angeles’ top real estate agent. He is an outspoken proponent of home staging and is probably part of the reason why most luxury and uber-luxury homes are now staged. He describes the success of his hit show Listing Impossible as his “willingness to speak truth to money.”

Cheryl Eisen, CEO of New York’s Interior Marketing Group and celebrity home stager

When Eisen’s interior marketing business took off, she became the face of high-end New York real estate. She designed an AirBNB for Kim Kardashian and staged houses that sold to the likes of Daniel Craig. Here’s what happened when John Legend and Chrissy Teigen bought one of her staged properties:

We designed that loft and they bought it exactly as is and moved right in. They bought every piece of everything. It’s really cool when that happens. We basically nailed their exact design, I guess, and they loved it – art and everything.

-Eisen, in an interview with Elite Daily

Listen to Eisen explain her approach to luxury home staging with this $14 million NYC apartment. This behind-the-scenes to her process demonstrates the demographic and psychographic approach we also take to staging.

Luxury Home Staging: By the Stars, For the Stars

At the end of the day, selling a luxury home means selling a particular lifestyle, and that is very hard to do without a home staging or interior marketing expert on your side. Everyone wants to live like a celebrity. But even celebrity real estate is just someone else’s house if it isn’t staged to the buyer’s tastes.

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