How to Set Your Listings Apart in the Hottest Vegas Luxury Real Estate Market Ever

The Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Market set records last year Set your listing apart with luxury home staging

2020 set a lot of records, and the Las Vegas luxury real estate market was no exception. Luxury and uber-luxury sales in the Las Vegas area were higher than ever before in 2020, and there’s no sign of that slowing down in 2021. According to MLS, there were 824 sales of homes at $1 million or more and 32 sales of properties at $5 million or more in 2020. That means hundreds more luxury homes were sold this past year than in any year before it.

But just because luxury homes are selling does not mean that yours will be an instant sell. Staging can set your listing apart, but only if it’s done well. It’s easy to spot a cookie-cutter staging job, and with a truly show-stopping property, you need show-stopping decor to match.

How to Sell the Luxury Lifestyle

When you are selling a luxury home, you aren’t really selling a property. You’re selling a lifestyle. Authenticity is key. You’re selling the real deal here, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one lucky buyer. You want to impress, but you also want them to feel at home.

The best way to bring that authenticity in is to stage in a way that not only complements the architecture and location of the house, but also the most likely buyer demographic, and how they would most likely use the property. A young, celebrity couple would likely live a very different life from a reclusive businessman, and they will look for very different things in a home. Knowing who you are staging for is key, but we can still make a few general suggestions for how to stage Vegas luxury real estate.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Modern luxury often looks very neutral in tone. Bright metallics balance well with white, black, and soft, earthy tones, but if your decor is too devoid of color, it may come across as impersonal, even hospital-like. A royal blue is a fantastic accent color with this sort of earthy, metallic palette. Or you can take your cue from Pantone’s colors of the year and play off of grey neutrals with bright splashes of yellow. You certainly want to limit your use of different colors, but one or two accent colors can really bring life to a piece of Vegas luxury real estate.

Set your Vegas luxury real estate listing apart with home staging

Make it Fun

Speaking of life, luxury properties need to be staged for entertainment. Is there a home theater? A spot for a cocktail bar? Grills by the pool? Stage these areas with plenty of seating for potential guests, and the entertainment possibilities will really jump out. You can even set up a faux bar with glasses and drinks.

Of course, the best way to “make it fun” is to hold an open house. These events really show the home in-action, and a fun open house will help buyers feel a positive connection with the property before they’ve even lived in it. While these events can be more difficult to hold in the age of coronavirus, virtual or limited-attendance open houses can still lend a fun, social element to the buying process and get buyers really excited about the property.

Elevated, yet Comfortable

You want an element of “shock and awe” when a buyer walks through the door, but you don’t want to alienate them by decorating too starkly. The property should feel comfortable too. Small touches like countertop and tabletop accessories, or clean towels in the bathroom, make a home feel liveable. Done properly and minimalistically, you can achieve an ideal balance between comfort and class in your Vegas luxury real estate listings.

Professional Staging for Vegas Luxury Real Estate

These tips are general in nature, and for a luxury property, investing in professional staging more than pays for itself. If you want your luxury listing to help break last year’s sales record, set your listing apart with a luxury home stager. 

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