Why You Should Furnish and Decorate Your Rental Home Professionally

Decorate your rental home with luxury home stager Angelic Ferguson
Design work in a luxury home staged by Angelic Ferguson Utopia Home Staging

Real estate is one of the best investments you can make. But renting out an investment property can be harder than it looks, especially if it’s on the higher end of the market. You may decide to furnish and decorate your rental home to attract better applicants. 

However, renters will only see that furnishing as a plus if it goes with their own style and the style of the home. Luxury properties in particular must be curated meticulously in order to attract a suitable renter. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to bring in a professional home stager and decorator, here are a few reasons why it might be just what your rental listing needs. 

The Property Has Antiquated or Non-Conventional Architecture

A home with outdated fixtures or awkwardly built rooms will be difficult to rent out for what it is really worth. Furnishing and decorating the property won’t hide these features, but it will help to modernize the space and lessen their negative impact in a potential renters’ mind. It helps them see the best parts of the property and how they would actually get to live in it.

Remember, a renter wants to get just as much for their dollar as you do. When a space is professionally furnished and decorated, its potential is clear. Meanwhile, an empty, outdated and difficult layout won’t seem like it’s worth the price to many renters.

The Property Is Most Likely to Attract a Millennial or College Student

Many young people are living with their families longer, and when they do look to move out, they likely have little to no furniture of their own. Or if they are in or just graduating college, they may have been using dorm furniture up until that point. Even young people who have been living on their own will probably have cheap, flimsy furniture that they would happily give away given the opportunity to upgrade.

It’s easy to assume that this demographic would be looking for cheap rentals and less picky about the type of furniture provided, but style is just as important to millennials as it is to anyone else. They will happily pay top-dollar to live in a modern, cohesively-designed home because investing in that kind of decor and furniture themselves is rarely financially feasible. Millennials are a great target market for furnished rental homes because they tend to lean towards rental and subscription-based plans for most goods and services, thereby avoiding large down payments and upfront investments while still enjoying higher-end luxuries.

You are Listing a Higher-End or Luxury Rental

There are a lot of reasons to bring in a professional to furnish and decorate your rental home, but professional design is especially important for luxury homes. The kind of person looking to rent a luxury property wants the whole luxury experience, for themselves and for house guests. They would likely hire a professional designer or decorator anyway, so why not save them the trouble?

Here, furnishing has a very similar effect to staging a home to sell. When a potential renter tours the property and already sees a move-in ready, professionally designed home that looks exactly how they would expect a Vegas luxury home to look, they are much more likely to want to rent immediately, without giving the price tag a second thought. You want to exceed their expectations from the get-go, and getting a professional on your side is the best way to do that.

So You Want a Professional to Furnish and Decorate Your Rental Home. Now What?

Thankfully, now that you’ve made the decision to hire a professional to decorate your rental home, the rest of the process is hassle-free. It all starts with a consultation. Call your local expert on Vegas interior design and marketing, Angelic Ferguson.