What Luxury Home Buyers are Looking for in 2021

Learn what luxury home buyers are looking for in 2021

The world changed forever in 2020, and so did the luxury real estate market. Luxury home buyers are looking for more and more amenities as their homes become far more than simply a place to eat, sleep, and entertain. Properties need to be large and staged to show off the varied uses of that space.

Besides property size, what are luxury home buyers looking for? Generally, they want to be able to take care of work—and of themselves—fully at home. Here are a few common ways we stage large luxury properties to appeal to this new cohort of property buyers.

Health & Fitness

There has been a huge spike in the use of home gyms, so much so that it can be difficult to find even a decent pair of dumbbells that aren’t sold out. At-home, yet still group-based programs like Peloton are all the rage, and a well-equipped workout room is a must-have in today’s luxury homes. Even as we return to normalcy, many people will prefer the privacy and convenience of a home gym.

Of course, health also means nutrition. People are looking for large, state-of-the-art kitchens that they can keep well-stocked with healthy foods and maybe even use to bake their own sourdough bread. This is especially important for properties that may attract buyers with their own professional cooking staff or a professional nutritionist.

Meditation & Relaxation

Zen gardens are very popular right now. Why wouldn’t they be? Everyone is feeling the stress of the pandemic, and having some sort of at-home escape is essential right now.

Meditation rooms are popular for this reason as well. Many people are facing isolation and anxiety that can exacerbate or trigger serious mental health issues. Having a clean, bright space with natural materials and colors can be very calming and a great place to practice mindful and meditative activities.


People may be going out less, but they are posting online way more, and they need to look perfect for every photo shoot and Instagram post. Leaving the home to go to a highly-trafficked hair salon, makeup artist, or massage therapist isn’t a very attractive option right now. So why not bring the beauty experts to you?

In addition to home salons, home spas are very popular right now. A sauna has always been a great amenity for a luxury property, now more so than ever. And, of course, what’s more important for beauty than beauty sleep? Staging a master suite properly means a luxuriously-sized bed with bedding to match.

Studio & Office Space

Depending on the home buyer, they may be in a creative line of work, or something more traditional and analytical. A home studio is a must for content creators, artists, and musicians. They may also want a home office better suited to a traditional desk and computer use. That makes a property with multiple extra bedrooms and storage rooms all the more enticing, but these rooms should also be staged to reflect their varied potential uses so they don’t feel like they are only extra storage space.

Staging for a New Generation of Luxury Home Buyers

As we enter a new era for the luxury real estate market, property size is going to be one of the biggest factors. Another is location. With the current climate, people care less about being near the city center and more about finding a large, private estate. 

Of course, one thing hasn’t changed in 2021: all of this depends on a property’s specific location, architecture, and demographic and psychographic factors. For a personalized property consultation, reach out to your local luxury home stager.