Home Design Trends That Las Vegas Buyers Will Love in 2022

Our homes are reflecting our own personality and styles now more than ever.

As we get further into the new year and continue to begin to put the pandemic behind us, many home buyers are seeking out home designs that are versatile, multifunctional spaces. Offices and quiet spaces for homework are imperative as we’ve seen with the shift in many families beginning to work from home or have children in virtual school. In fact, a recent article in Forbes, says that 25% of American jobs will become remote by the end of 2022. Buyers often engage with a specific style and purpose of a room, especially if the aesthetic speaks to them in a more natural way.

We use color palettes, accents, and furniture that set the tone of the room and engage the senses which adds an aesthetically pleasing interaction between the potential buyer and the home that they envision as their own. Utopia Home Staging continues to maintain a variety of styles such as Mid-Century Modern, Modern Farmhouse as well as transitional and contemporary design that ties all these styles together which appeals to what buyers are attracted to when they are on the hunt for their new home.

To create the ideal staging and design look, we focus on the features of the home and trends that capture the everchanging buyer’s needs. Traditional homes are transitioning from Post-Modern Design to Modern Farmhouse and Luxury Design. This design style is complimented with a vast array of color palettes such as earthy tones (olive green and lilac), soft neutrals; met with occasional pops of color like yellows and greens, crimson red, and animal print or slightly darker tones for a more dramatic effect. Tranquility, serenity, and relaxation is a must this year and trending styles of 2022 are mirroring aspects of maintaining positive wellbeing.

Let’s dive into the newest home design trends in staging that deliver what buyers are looking for in a home.

Mid-Century Modern Meets Modern Luxury Design

Living room featuring Modern Luxury Interior Home Design in Las Vegas
Photo Credit Utopia Home Staging

We’ll see Mid-Century Modern meets Boho fade out, while Modern Luxury become the new rave in 2022. Homes will continue to have versatility throughout while maintaining clean lines, simple shapes, and integrating pieces of flair into the mix. Textures and patterns could include silk, leather, linen, or even velvet and satin which can be tied into the accent pieces such as curtains, pillows, rugs, sofas, and chairs.

Natural and organic elements can also be used within Modern Luxury design and compliments the Biophilic design trend that is becoming popular. When it comes to furniture, simple and functional pieces are the best bet to maintain simplicity and sophistication. Furniture can be leveraged as a geometric element in the home. Certain features in modern furniture are marble and glass finishes/tops, linear shapes, or metallic trim to name a few.

Minimalism and Maximalism Design

Photo Credit Utopia Home Staging

Many buyers are looking to really make their homes reflect their own personality and to have a Maximalist look and feel. This can be seen in expressionistic lighting, geometric shapes, and accents, as well as colorful rugs or wall art all while incorporating minimalistic style. A few of these décor pieces can go a long way. Prioritizing high functional designed accents, textures, and patterns is the best way to go.

Pops of color, animal print, and earthy tones are the highlight of 2022; black hardware is here to stay this year. Black hardware is a very versatile element as it is modern, classy, and glamorous but contrasts well with natural wood pieces, organic designs, and neutral color palettes.

Biophillic Design

Living room and dining room featuring Biophilic interior design
Photo Credit Utopia Home Staging

Many homeowners are turning their homes into their dream sanctuary by integrating nature in the form of earthy color palettes and organic accents. Spending more time at home since the height of the pandemic has made people become more aware of their surroundings within their homes, emphasizing the need to create peaceful and tranquil environments that they are looking for when it’s time for R&R at the end of the day.

This is where Biophilic Design becomes a trend among buyers. Biophilia means “the love of life or living things”. This design concept focuses on creating calming spaces that overlap a visual connection with nature which can improve wellbeing, health, and productivity. And why not help reduce our carbon footprint with a little more organic and natural elements within our homes while reducing clutter at the same time? It’s a win win for everyone.

Adding more house plants, increasing natural lighting and ventilation combined with earthy color palettes help to enhance a feeling of calm in the home. One can achieve this design technique by:

  • increasing fresh air by opening windows when possible, which also allows the sounds of nature further inducing relaxation.
  • incorporating green spaces by adding a variety of houseplants which help purify the air.
  • add water features such as small fountains on a countertop, side table, or just outside of a window that can be opened.
  • increase natural light by opening curtains and blinds.

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