Interested in home staging, but not sure what to expect? We have the answers.

Your home is likely your biggest investment. And if you invest in real estate on a large scale, your number one priority is getting the best ROI out of every one of your properties. Whoever you are, selling a house is a serious and stressful process. If you are interested in home staging, you want to know exactly what you can expect from your stagers.

Are Professional Photos Included in your staging packages?

Yes! Within 48 hours of the staging, professional real estate photographs will be made available to the listing agent and/or owner.

Do you always offer full home staging, or do you also offer partial staging?

We offer both occupied and vacant staging engagements, partial or full home.

How do your staging costs break down?

For vacant home staging, we give you a room by room, custom bid on a 60 day minimum contract.

For occupied home staging, we price consultations at $375, with the option to receive a written report for an additional fee. Upon request, we will also provide you with a quote for any additional work necessary. Hands-on staging services are sold in half day ($595) or full day ($995) increments. We will also recommend items you can choose to purchase or rent in necessary.

After a house is staged, can people buy the furniture?

Certainly! Just contact our office for a proposal.

What happens if the house sells before the contract ends?

This is our goal—to successfully market the property, shorten the time on market, and save the seller both time and money. We generally leave the furniture in place until just before closing. There are no prorations, adjustments, or additional fees.

Should I stage before or after my house goes on the market?

Today, over 98% of buyers look online when shopping for real estate. Additionally, the best prospective buyers generally come to the first few showings. That makes it extremely important to have staging and professional real estate photography done before you list your property.

Do I need an agent before I contact a stager, or can I contact you before I have a realtor?

A seller’s agent familiar with the market is a good team resource, but is not a requirement to start the staging process. We can finalize many of the details in advance of the listing agreement. Additionally, if you plan to sell your property as “For Sale by Owner,” we can work directly with the owner to stage and photograph the property. So if you’re interested in home staging, go ahead and give us a call!

What does the staging process look like?

The process typically starts with a conversation over the phone to gather important information and clarify any details. From there, one of our designers will visit the property to assess the marketing, demographic and design considerations required for the project. Shortly thereafter, the property is staged and photographed. Those photos will then be delivered to the seller’s agent and/or owner for MLS, Zillow and other marketing campaigns. When it becomes known, the stager is notified of the closing date and the de-staging is scheduled for a few days prior to closing.

How does occupied staging work?

We always start with an in-home consultation for those interested in home staging for an occupied property. During this consultation, we will discuss a room-by-room list of recommendations that, in our opinion, will make a measurable, marketable difference in selling your home. We will follow up the meeting with a written list of our recommendations within 3 days. We also offer hands-on staging services for occupied homes after they have gone through a consultation.

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