Home Staging Services

Your property could be someone else’s dream home, but only if they can see themselves in it.

Our home staging services help buyers visualize how they will live in—and love—a home. We also help home owners reimagine their living space for their own use through our home makeover service. Call (702) 848-3336 now for a free estimate.

Vacant Home Staging Service

Whether it is a new build or recent rehab, a vacant property is not a space buyers can easily see themselves in. Staging does not just make the space feel cozier; it shows exactly how much use a buyer can get out of every room. Staged homes have been shown again and again to sell faster and to sell at a higher price. Why risk making a poor first impression? By staging, you are putting your best foot forward with buyers.

Occupied Home Staging Service

Furnished homes benefit from staging too. Occupied staging involves styling the property in a way that appeals to the most likely buyer demographic, which likely differs from a seller’s demographic. Whether an occupied property simply needs some furniture rearranging or it requires major upgrades, it never hurts to have a professionally trained eye guide you through the process.

Photo Styling Service

For another budget friendly option to our full staging services, we offer a Photo Styling service where two of our professionals de-clutter, organize and style only the owner furnishings for the best possible photos. You can easily pair our HDR Photography service with this service for a turn-key, quick start, photo ready listing complete with photos for your MLS listing.

DIY Staging Consultation

Our most budget friendly staging service is our 90 minute walk and talk staging consultation. We offer advice on how to style and stage the space for the maximum impact. With this guidance, owners and realtors are often able to stage the property to improve marketability and perceived value. Often owners video record this consultation for reference, but written reports outlining the recommendation are available for an additional charge.

Color Consultations

Choosing the right paint color for the interior and exterior of your home is an essential decision, and it is not as easy to make as you may think. Statistically, 60% of people choose the wrong color the first time. Repainting is a big investment that directly influences your property value, and you do not want to pay for it twice! Let our experts give your house an update that will present your home in a cohesive, updated and attractive way.

HDR Real Estate Photography

In today’s digital age, most buyers will see your property online before they see it in person. That means you need clear, crisp photos with proper lighting and color balance. A beautifully designed and furnished home still will not see many buyers if the listing photos do not carry the same impression. As high-quality as cellphone cameras are now, it is tempting to simply snap a few shots yourself and call it a day. But phone cameras still do not give the quality and lighting that a professional’s equipment will, and it will lack a professional eye. We offer photography on its own or as part of our home staging services.

Home Styling Service

Sometimes owners don’t want to sell but need some help styling their home. We are experts in home furnishings, art, and decor and offer this service not just to sellers but homeowners alike.

Rental Home Furnishing

Las Vegas’ rental market is booming, and furnished listings offer an added perk to renters, especially those looking for a professionally-designed home. We bring the same approach we have to staging to all of our rentals; we are catering to a specific demographic and lifestyle based on the unique characteristics of your property. As a result, renters feel truly at home in our furnished listings!

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