Angelic Ferguson founder of Utopia Home Staging luxury Las Vegas home staging company

Angelic Ferguson

Angelic Ferguson has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for real estate. Her former 25-year career in the spa industry developed her eye for aesthetics and for cultivating serene, luxurious environments. 

Angelic is a graduate of New York Institute of Art and Design. After graduation, she achieved a Master Stager accreditation with Staging Studio and went on to advance her career further. She even committed to a year-long “deep dive” in the field, learning from an industry leader with Rave Home Staging.

Currently, Angelic is the founder and CEO of Utopia Home Staging in Las Vegas, Nevada. She specializes in vacant home staging, E-Staging, and color consultations. Feel free to reach out to Angelic personally or follow our social media below.

What We Do

We are home stagers. We furnish and decorate homes—ideally before they hit the market—in a way that appeals to a particular home’s most likely buyer. Thus, staging is a combination of styling and marketing.

At Utopia Home Staging, we boast a diversely specialized team dedicated to helping you sell for top dollar. Interior design is just one of the skill sets we bring to the table. We also draw from the sales, real estate, and marketing fields.

Our combined expertise in these areas is what makes Utopia unique. We are not here to simply “dress up” your property or fill empty rooms. We are here to show your buyers their ideal place to live—their Utopia.

Using the latest marketing techniques, design trends, and demographic analysis, we create a look that appeals to the most likely buyer for each specific property. That translates into more buyer interest, and typically, better offers.

Our Beliefs

Gary Keller said it best: “Pricing brings interest, home staging brings offers.”

Our goal is to save sellers from taking needless price reductions. Home staging consistently delivers the best ROI to property owners because it brings in high offers quickly. By investing in staging, our sellers can truly put their best foot forward.

We want to see sellers get the returns they deserve on their investments. But home staging does not just help listings get higher offers. It can also drastically reduce the time a property sits on market. That means you can move on to your next home even faster.

Our Story

Utopia Home Staging was founded by Angelic Ferguson in Las Vegas, Nevada. A relatively new market for staging, Las Vegas gives home sellers, realtors, investors, flippers, and builders a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Unlike markets where staging has become the norm, professional staging can set any property apart in our area.

For Angelic, that is a very exciting prospect.

By founding Utopia Home Staging, she aims to transform the market’s perspective on staging as a whole. Done properly, home staging is not merely a “fix” for a difficult-to-sell property. It is a natural part of the selling process for any savvy homeowner.